Troubleshooting Guide and In-Depth Comparison: GameSir X2 ProTroubleshooting Guide and In-Depth Comparison: GameSir X2 Pro


In the ever-evolving world of mobile gaming, controller attachments have become increasingly popular among enthusiasts seeking a console-like experience on their smartphones. The Game Sir X2 Pro stands as a notable player in this arena, ensuring a smooth gaming experience. However, users occasionally encounter issues with its functionality. This article delves into troubleshooting the Game Sir X2 Pro, explores its internal components through a teardown, and compares it to the Kishi V2 controller attachment.

Troubleshooting GameSir X2 Pro: Common Issues and Solutions:

gamesir x2 pro
gamesir x2 pro

The Game Sir X2 Pro offers a premium gaming experience, but like any tech product, it can run into problems. Let’s address some common issues users might face and provide solutions:

Connection Problems: One frequent concern is the controller not connecting properly to the smartphone. Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled, and the device is compatible with the controller. If issues persist, try restarting both the controller and the smartphone.

Button Responsiveness: Users might notice delayed button responses or unregistered inputs. This could be due to a low battery. Charge the controller fully and check if the issue persists.

Analog Stick Drift: Analog sticks registering movement even when untouched is known as drift. This could be caused by dirt or debris under the sticks. Gently clean the area around the sticks using compressed air.

Firmware Updates: Outdated firmware might lead to compatibility issues. Regularly check for firmware updates on the GameSir website and follow the instructions for installation.

Game Compatibility: Not all games support external controllers. Before troubleshooting, ensure that the game you’re playing is compatible with controller attachments.

Teardown: Unveiling the GameSir X2 Pro:

gamesir x2 pro
gamesir x2 pro

Ever wondered what lies beneath the sleek exterior of the Game Sir X2 Pro? A teardown reveals the internal components responsible for its performance:

Exterior and Unveiling: Crafted with precision, the GameSir X2 Pro ensures a comfortable grip for players. Opening the device requires carefully removing screws and clips that hold the case together.

Button Mechanism: Underneath the buttons, users will find a series of tact switches, responsible for registering inputs. These switches are designed for durability, ensuring the controller’s longevity.

Analog Sticks: The analog sticks utilize potentiometers to sense movement. These components are delicate and can be affected by dust or debris. Proper cleaning and maintenance can prevent drift issues.

Mainboard and Connectivity: The heart of the controller contains the mainboard, responsible for communication between the buttons, sticks, and the device it’s connected to. Any damage to this board can result in connectivity problems.

Battery and Charging: The GameSir X2 Pro houses a rechargeable battery, providing hours of gameplay. The battery is connected to the mainboard, and any issues with charging could be linked to this connection.

GameSir X2 Pro vs. Kishi V2: A Comprehensive Comparison:

gamesir x2 pro
gamesir x2 pro

The GameSir X2 Pro faces competition from the Razer Kishi V2, another popular controller attachment. Let’s assess these two rivals across different aspects:

Design and Comfort

GameSir X2 Pro: Boasting an ergonomic design and textured grips, it prioritizes comfort during long gaming sessions.

Kishi V2: The Kishi V2 offers a similar ergonomic approach with a more compact form factor, enhancing portability.


GameSir X2 Pro: Designed to fit a wide range of Android smartphones, the X2 Pro offers broad compatibility.

Kishi V2: Similarly, the Kishi V2 is designed for compatibility across multiple devices.


GameSir X2 Pro: The X2 Pro connects via USB Type-C, ensuring a stable and low-latency connection.

Kishi V2: Razer’s Kishi V2 also utilizes USB Type-C for connection, aiming for minimal input lag.

Button Layout and Feel

GameSir X2 Pro: The X2 Pro features a layout reminiscent of traditional console controllers, which can be familiar and comfortable for gamers.

Kishi V2: Razer’s Kishi V2 adopts a similar layout, with responsive buttons designed to mimic console controllers.

Telescopic Design

GameSir X2 Pro: The X2 Pro features a telescopic design that securely holds the smartphone in place during gameplay.

Kishi V2: The Kishi V2 also employs a telescopic design, ensuring the device remains stable during gaming sessions.


The GameSir X2 Pro offers an immersive gaming experience with its ergonomic design and responsive controls. While occasional issues may arise, troubleshooting solutions are readily available to maintain its performance. Delving into the internal components through a teardown reveals the precision engineering that contributes to its functionality.

In the realm of controller attachments, the comparison between the GameSir X2 Pro and the Kishi V2 showcases the strengths of both products. Gamers now have the luxury of choice between these two premium attachments, each offering a console-like experience on their smartphones. Whether you choose the GameSir X2 Pro or the Kishi V2, mobile gaming has undoubtedly reached new heights of immersion and excitement.