Recover Whatsapp deleted messages


WhatsApp is a popular messaging and calling service that helps you connect with the people you care about. It can be used to send and receive text messages, documents, photos, and videos. You can also make voice calls, and video conferences with your friends or family group members. You can even do WhatsApp group chat which lets you message many people at once.

How Many Hours After Deleting the Messages Can You Recover Them?

There are many methods to recover deleted WhatsApp messages and each method has its own time frame. The time frame is based on the method used and also how much time has passed since you deleted your message.

Here are some of the best methods that can help you recover your deleted WhatsApp messages:

  • Use WhatsApp Recovery Software – This is one of the most reliable ways to recover your lost WhatsApp messages in minutes, but there’s a catch: You’ll need a computer or laptop with Windows OS installed on it! After installing the software on your PC or Laptop, just connect your phone via USB cable (with WhatsApp enabled) and follow the simple steps given by this tool in order to restore all those precious memories back into existence once again! This tool doesn’t only support Android phones but also iPhones running iOS version 11 or later

WhatsApp Data Recovery for Android Phones

You can also recover deleted files on your Android phone with the help of this app. Our software is compatible with all versions of WhatsApp, so no matter which version you are using, you can use our tool to recover any data that has been lost.

  • Download and Install the App on Your Device
  • Open It and Choose the ‘Recover WhatsApp Messages’ Option from The Main Menu
  • Click On ‘Start Scan’ And Wait till The Scanning Process Is Completed

WhatsApp Data Recovery for iPhone.

You can recover deleted WhatsApp messages with the help of free iPhone data recovery software. The app is named Data Recovery for iPhone. You can download this app from the official website and then install it on your computer or laptop.

It will show you all recoverable data with its preview feature, which helps to check whether the recovered file is important or not before saving it in your desired location. Once you have selected what to recover, click on the ‘Recover’ button and choose a location for saving recovered files onto your PC/Mac computer or laptop

Method 1: By Using Notifications

The notification you get when you delete a message is not the only way to recover it.

You can also use the notifications feature to your advantage and recover deleted data on WhatsApp. Just open WhatsApp, navigate to Settings > Notifications then select ‘Delete for Everyone’.

This will allow you to see all deleted messages that were sent within 48 hours of deletion. The notification will disappear after two days so make sure that you act quickly!

Method 2: By using Google Drive Backups

If you have a Google account, sign in to your Google Drive through your browser. Select the WhatsApp folder in which you want to restore the backup. Click on More > Sync Contacts and then click on Restore from Backup (1). You’ll be presented with a screen where you can choose how far back in time you want to restore your chat history (2). Select “OK” and wait for the process to complete (3).

Click here for more information on how to use Google Drive backups:

A few tips to recover deleted WhatsApp messages.

In this article, we will try to help you recover deleted WhatsApp messages. But before that, let’s understand what actually happened when you deleted your WhatsApp message in the first place.

When you delete a WhatsApp message, it is not really gone forever. The app just deletes the local copy of your chat history from your device and leaves behind metadata on Google Drive along with a backup file (if enabled). So, if you want to recover your deleted WhatsApp messages, then all you need is a simple piece of software that can scan through these two locations and bring all those lost chats back to life again!


In this article, we have discussed a few ways to recover your deleted messages. You can use the above-mentioned tips for android phones as well as iPhones. This will help you get back the messages you accidentally deleted or were deleted by someone else using your phone

By Fahad