How to learn the Drums: A guidance counselor for Beginners

Learning to play the drums is more complex than you might think. Not only do you have to learn all of the techniques, but you also need to be the foundation of the band. If a drummer can’t play well, it’s likely the whole band will sound bad. So what are some essential things to keep in mind as you learn how to learn the drums? This article tells you some important drumming tips. 

1. Take Lessons

While it’s certainly possible to learn how to play drums on your own, many drummers who do this end up picking up bad habits, for example, not learning how to hold the sticks correctly is potentially dangerous. 

Getting drum lessons is a great way to ensure you have the fundamentals down. Also, when you take drum lessons at your local music instructors, you’ll also get the basics down faster. 

2. Practice With A Metronome

Being able to play in time is very important when you learn to play the drums. If the drummer goes off-time, it can make the whole band sound sloppy. If you’re a drummer with rock-solid timing, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting a gig. 

The key to playing in time is to practice as often as possible using a metronome. You should also make sure you practice to a variety of tempos. Some drummers focus on playing as fast as possible, but they struggle not to go off-time when playing a slow beat. 

3. Practice Every Day

The most important part of drums for beginners is to get some practice every day. One issue for drums is that you can’t necessarily keep a full drum kit at home. But just because you can’t go to your practice space every day doesn’t mean you can’t practice. 

You can use drum pads for relatively silent practicing. This kind of practice can actually be quite beneficial as it lets you focus on your stickwork without the distraction of a full drum kit. 

4. Practice Playing With Real Musicians

It’s also vital that you practice playing with real musicians. Being able to lock in your tempo with the rest of the band is incredibly important. As a drummer, the rest of the band is looking to you for the tempo. You don’t really feel that responsibility when playing along to recordings. 

This is why you should get used to playing with real musicians early on in your drumming career. 

5. Record Your Playing

Finally, you should always try to listen to recordings of your playing. While you’re actively playing the drums, you might not be able to hear all of the nuances. When you listen back to a recording, you might be surprised by what you hear. 

Now You Know How to Learn the Drums

Following the tips explained in this guide should help you understand how to learn the drums. The key is to remember that you’re responsible for keeping time for the whole band. 

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By Fahad