7 best beautiful traveling places in Azerbaijan for travel


If you are looking for a beautiful place to visit in Azerbaijan, then this article is the best solution. Here we have compiled a list of the top 7 most beautiful places in Azerbaijan that will give you an amazing experience when you travel there.


Mardakan is a village in Shamakhi Rayon of Azerbaijan. It is placed on the southern coast of the Absheron peninsula, near Baku to the south and Ganja to the north.

Mardakan Resort Village is a popular resort for both domestic and international tourists. The area consists of hotels, restaurants, and other facilities including shops selling souvenirs at reasonable prices.

Icheri Sheher

Icheri Sheher is a historical center of Baku. It was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 2010. The Old City has many historical buildings and monuments that date back to the 19th century. Including several mosques and churches built by Russian travelers.

The lively atmosphere of this area makes it an ideal place to visit. If you’re looking for shopping opportunities or want to take in some culture while exploring Azerbaijan’s rich history.


Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan. It has a population of 1.3 million people and is the largest city in this country. Baku is a multicultural place where different cultures meet and interact with each other. Which makes it one of the most beautiful cities in Europe or even anywhere else for that matter! The architecture is beautiful, but also very unique as well because there are many buildings from different eras that have been preserved by time itself; however, some new ones have been added as well over time due to growth and development within this city’s borders. It’s not just about building structures anymore though; there are also historical sites such as Old City Walls (which date back to 1800), mosques like Sheikh Zaman Mosque, or Shaki Khana Mosque (both built 1400-1500 CE), museums like National Museum Of History And Archeology… The list goes on!


Ladaghlar is a village in Azerbaijan. It is located in the Shamakhi Rayon of Azerbaijan and it was founded by Ashugh Mirza, who was the son of Ali-Girey Khan Qazilbash. The town has been well-known for its mineral water springs since ancient times.

In recent years, Ladaghlar has become an important health resort for people from various parts of the country. Its climate makes it possible to live comfortably all year round here. In addition to this fact, many tourists visit this place on holidays or during their summer vacations because they want to relax somewhere warm and pleasant without having to worry about rain or cold weather conditions during these periods (because even though there are high temperatures at night time these days -20 Celsius doesn’t mean that there won’t be any snowfall either!).


Gobustan is a part of the Gobustan National Park. It become declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992 and is located in Azerbaijan. The park contains some of the best preserved ancient ruins in the world. Including one of its more famous attractions: a huge rock carved into an ancient temple with carvings representing animals and humans.

Gobustan has been called “the eighth wonder of the world” because it is home to some incredible ancient structures that are still standing today!


Tufandag is a national park in Azerbaijan and is the most important national park in Azerbaijan. It is located on the shores of the Caspian Sea, between the Guba region and the Kuba region. The area has great natural beauty with mountains, forests, and valleys. It’s located in a mountain range called the Caucasus Mountains which are also known as Caucasus Range or Lesser Caucasus (in Europe).

Tufandag Nature Reserve was established in 1985 for protection purposes for plants and animals living here; it covers 2 million hectares with different types of vegetation such as deciduous forest, coniferous forest, or steppe land cover type

Caspian sea

The Caspian Ocean is the biggest lake withinside the world. It’s also a very beautiful place to visit, with its calm and peaceful atmosphere. If you are looking for an exciting trip, this place is perfect for you!

The Caspian Sea has many tourist facilities such as hotels, restaurants, and cafes that offer amazing food from different countries around the world including Azerbaijan. You can have your own boat ride on our lakeside or go fishing if you like catching fish with your own hands or renting fishing equipment for yourself!

You can visit multiple places for tourism in Azerbaijan

Traveling to Azerbaijan is a wonderful experience. You can visit multiple places for tourism in Azerbaijan and travel to these places for tourism for a long time, short time, medium time, or even just because you want to see something beautiful.


This list is just a small introduction to the beautiful places you can visit in Azerbaijan. There are many more sites to see and explore that aren’t included here, but this should give you an idea of what each place has to offer and why it’s worth visiting. If you have any questions about the best places for tourism in Azerbaijan we didn’t cover, let us know!

By Fahad