10 Best Medical Professions to Consider When Getting Started

The average annual salary for medical practitioners in the United States is $68,190.

Medical jobs are among the best-paying professions in the world. As such, the demand for these jobs never goes down. You can secure yourself a great job in the medical field, whether you spend ten years in college or one year.

However, you should attend a certified medical school and have a passion for working in the healthcare sector. This article will discuss the top ten best medical professions for entry-level. Go through each carefully to know the best fit for you.

1. Medical Assistant

Medical assisting is a flexible and good-paying medical job. The assistants help the physicians to carry out their day-to-day activities. They also develop strong relationships with the patients and prepare the examination rooms with the right tools and equipment. 

Medical Assistant

Besides flexibility, the right medical assistant should work well under minimal supervision. They should also undertake a training course from a certified college offering the medical assistant course. The annual salary for a medical assistant is $33,610, according to BLS.

2. Physician

A physician is a person who diagnoses patients and treats them. They deal with all types of patients, and so, you might find them in every hospital department. For instance, physicians might examine injured persons and treat them. 


They might also handle the patients in the Intensive Care Unit, and those in other wards. The career is among the top healthcare jobs, and so, the physician must be well educated and experienced. 

The average annual salary for physicians is $756,800, according to BLS.

3. Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician is a drug expert. The primary duty of the physician is to supply patients with the right medicines. Usually, they provide the prescribed drugs, although they still have vast experience in prescribing the correct dose. 

Pharmacy Technician

They should understand the right medications, their names, and their dosages. They should also undergo the Pharmacy Technical certification board exams (PTCB). Learn more about the PTCB exam if you wish to become a pharmacy technician. 

The annual salary for a pharmacy technician is $32,700.

4. Medical Sonographer

A medical sonographer is an X-rays expert. The professional uses high-frequency ultrasound waves to examine the internal parts of the body. For instance, they may monitor the tumors of cancer patients or scan pregnant women. 

Medical Sonographer

Medical sonographers must have a keen eye for detail, and they should also be well versed in human anatomy. They should have a degree in medical sonography too. 

The average annual salary for the sonographers is $67,080.

5. Laboratory Technician

A lab technician is a person who works in the lab. Their primary duty is to collect the samples of a patient and conduct medical tests to know what they could be suffering from. 

Laboratory Technician

They also label and analyze the patient samples, which could be in the form of urine and blood. When done, they present the sample results to the doctors to recommend the right medication. 

Qualified lab experts should have a degree in the medical field. The average annual salary for the profession is $52,330.

6. Clinical Dentist

Dentistry is one of the best-paying healthcare jobs. A dentist is an oral health expert. Qualified dentists diagnose several oral problems in the patient, treat them, and advise them on the right oral hygiene practices to adopt. 

Clinical Dentist

Ideally, the dentist monitors the teeth of the patients, the jaws, the gums, and the tongue. They do so by carrying out a diagnostic test or by doing mouth X-rays. The right dentists should have a degree in clinical dentistry. 

The average annual salary for a dentist is $156,240, according to BLS.

7. Nurse

Nurses are flexible medical experts. They receive patients in the hospital, understand their problems, and direct them to the right physician. 


Nurses can also do any medical job that the physician has assigned them. For instance, they can attend to the patients, prescribe drugs, groom the patients, and so on. 

The nursing job is highly demanding, and the right person should, therefore, be passionate about the job. Also, one should have a degree or master’s in nursing. 

The average annual salary for a licensed nurse is $107,030.

8. Medical Therapist

Therapists help the sick to manage pain. The works in many fields in hospitals. They help the patients to heal, and to maintain the right mental and physical health. 

Medical Therapist

They do not give out drugs or carry medical procedures. Instead, they offer advice, and massage, and provide incredible company to the sick. They can also help the patient to exercise well to recover quickly. 

The right therapy experts should be certified by a well-known therapy college. The average annual salary for therapists is $76,310.

9. Surgeon

The surgeon career is one of the best-paying medical jobs. A surgeon is an experienced medical professional for invasive body procedures. The physician examines the body and then requests the surgeon to carry out the surgery regarding a specific body condition. 


Surgeons occupy many fields. Some specialize in clinical medicine, other plastic surgery, cosmetic surgeries, and so on. However, the right surgeon should have an in-depth understanding of the body’s anatomy. 

They should also have a master’s degree in medicine. The normal yearly compensation for specialists is $255,110.

10. Pediatrician

A pediatrician is a children’s medical expert. They handle children only, and so, they should be conversant with the main health issues affecting small children. They can diagnose sick children, treat them, and even recommend the right diets for their age. 


The right pediatrician should be baby-friendly and have excellent communication skills. 

The average annual salary for a pediatrician is $170,160.

Choose the Best Medical Professions Wisely

There are hundreds of best medical professions, but we consider the above the most popular ones with high demand.

If you just finished high school and would like to be a medical practitioner, find the best for your skills. Understand the requirements, the salary expectation, and the possibility of growth in the career.

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By Fahad