10 Best Activity Books for Kids

Books are man’s best friend. Some books enlighten us about quirky and interesting facts from the past, some take us through wonderland and fairy tale stories while some assist us in learning a new skill or art. There are plenty of types of books around us, amongst which students generally find the activity books the most interesting. 

Activity books are designed in such a way that they help children learn something out of the box in a unique way so that they are able to retain it. Such books incorporate fundamental concepts of various subjects like Mathematics, English, Science, etc, and include interesting tasks and activities for the children. All those who are looking out for some best activity books for students, here we have devised a list. Let’s go through it.

Peg + Cat: The Pizza Issue by Billy Aronson and Jennifer Oxley

In the book, the peg and cat are best friends who run a pizza shop. There are hidden activities in the problems faced by peg and cat to deliver their order. Children will have to first analyze their problem and will have to find a proper solution for it then. Along with this, students will also help peg in completing tasks like finding the other half of the pizza or dividing the pizza into equal 4 parts. 

Once Upon a Star with the aid of using James Carter and Mar Hernandez

Teachers and parents are often spellbound because of the weird and random questions of children. One such question would be how did the planets form? Carter and Hernandez’s Once Upon a Star contains a simple and poetic answer to this intriguing question. The book aims to familiarise the young ones with the concept of the Big Bang Theory. It also tries to help them understand what exactly makes up the solar system. 

Usually Not Another Maths Book by Anna Weltman

As the name suggests the book is not just any other random maths activity book. This interesting book by Ann Weltman, contains various exercises on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, factorization, etc. Mostly you will find increasing and decreasing questions, mirror image questions, and a lot more in this interesting book. 

BODMAS questions are the trickiest ones to solve, and the most fun too!

Puzzle Brain Teaser

Solving puzzles is one of the greatest exercises for the brain. By solving puzzles children will get habitual in utilizing their brains to the best of their abilities. The book contains various brain teasers or exercises based on Mathematics, Science, English, and much more. The best part about the book would be that children would be developing critical thinking and logical abilities by just solving some simple puzzles. 

Early Learning Movement Book/ Wipe Clean Movement Books by Roger Priddy

For those who are at the early stage of learning, this book will solve their purpose the best. This workbook is completely based on interactive and engaging exercises in which children will learn about shapes, colors, animals, body parts, and much more. Kids will also get to know the concept of time through this book. It contains special white sheets as well as an erasable marker through which they can learn as well as write in the same book.

ESL Classroom Exercises for Teenagers and Grown-ups by Shelley Ann

Learning English through simple and fun-based activities can be the best. This book contains more than 175 ideas through which you can effectively learn written and spoken English. It is a combined book for children as well as adults for acing the English language. Engaging exercises for beginners or primary students (class 5- 8th) like nouns, adjectives, verbs, tenses along with reading comprehension for classes 10 onwards, story writing class 10, idioms, active and passive voice as well as reported speech class 10-12th, etc.

Super Cool Tech by DK

The majority of children are now persuaded by technological advancements. As the cover of the book says, it is an insight into the coolest technological inventions. Children will get answers related to a floating hotel, a 3D printed car, or a bionic suit along with various other applications of artificial intelligence. 

How we Ought to Presently by Steven Johnson

The amenities leading to a luxurious life that we have today, are all possible because of the advanced inventions of our great forefathers. Through the book, children will learn how we are easily able to get electricity, have clean drinking water, and various other facilities. 

Kate the Chemist Series by Kate Biberdorf

If your child has a knack for science and possesses abilities like that of a future scientist, this book will be their favorite. Kate, the lead character of the book the readers to help her solve the problems for her community which is majorly based on concepts of science. 

Ask a Scientist by Robert Winston

Children are usually fascinated by the term scientist, hence, this book is their dose to the answers to some quirky questions. In the book, you will find many interesting questions based on science and exciting answers to them based on real-life situations. 

We hope that through this list you are now aware of some good activity books through which you can learn while having fun. 

By Fahad